Hot Water Cylinders

A hot water cylinder is a ready to use store of hot water that can be set thermostatically to give a constant temperature, typically 55-60°C, regardless of the outside temperature.

This means it can be blended down to a comfortable, usable temperature which gives a greatly increased volume of hot water available for use in the home.

hot water cylinderGledhill products represent superior quality. Gledhill products are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2000 quality management system which is independently audited and accepted by the British Standards Institute. All products meet or exceed industry standards and comply with Water Regulations and Building Regulations.
To satisfy specialist applications, horizontal cylinders can be manufactured complete with cradles or twin cylinders where only narrow spaces are available but large capacities are required.

All cylinders are produced under BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems. All Cylinders are manufactured and compliant with Part L Building Regulations 2002.

Torrent - provides mains pressure hot water and is suitable for gas, oil, electricity or installations using renewable energies such as solar or heat pump. It is safe, open vented, highly insulated and efficient.

Torrent RE - Solar mains pressure domestic hot water and central heating that is either open vented or sealed primary without the need for pressure and temperature relief valves, runaways to ground or annual safety checks.

SunSpeed - domestic hot water cylinders that are designed for use with solar panels. There are two types of SunSpeed cylinders; the SunSpeed 1 which is just for use with a solar coil only and the SunSpeed 2 which can be used with solar and a boiler coil.

The Stainless Lite provides powerful mains-pressure performance, incorporates high flow rate controls, and its ideal for multi-bathroom homes, where baths fill very quickly. There are Indirect and Direct patterns for gas/oil and electricity with 14 models in total, with litre ages ranging from 90 - 300 litres in each pattern with an additional eight options for solar energy.

Copper Cylinders - cylinders and combination units for all traditional domestic applications; They are suitable for use with electricity, gas, oil and solid fuel and can provide for the hot water requirements of single and multi bathroom dwellings.

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